Cooking is an art. While we need food to survive how we cook it and how it looks makes all the difference. Making sure that you have the best pots and pans you can afford will go a long way in helping you on this journey.

We also know that sometimes the most expensive cookware and gadgets are not the best and so we are here to help you to better understand what cookware you should be looking at to best suit your cooking style and needs.

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A man is only as good as what he loves, and at Two Kitchen Junkies we love all things cooking.  Technology is advancing in every part of our lives.  We have two options: let the art of cooking die as we opt for more and more processed food, or bring the very best culinary technology and cookware into our kitchens and keep the art of cooking alive.  The right tools not only make the job easier, but can elevate the effort to cook from a job to something more—a hobby, an experience, a passion.
At Two Kitchen Junkies, that’s how we feel about cooking.  With the right tools, cooking can be exciting, like a groundbreaking science experiment.  Or, cooking can be relaxing, even tranquil.  Cooking can bring us together, not just to eat, but to take pride in making our own food.  The success of each of our culinary pursuit is dictated as much by our pots and pans as it is the freshness of the ingredients we select. That’s why at Two Kitchen Junkies our primary focus is cookware itself.

Cast Iron Cookware

Rustic and charming, cast iron cookware from frying pans to Dutch ovens will become fast favorites in your kitchen.  Two Kitchen Junkies is passionate about cast iron and believe it can be treated as an heirloom piece in every home.  Check out our review of the Best Cast iron Skillets . You can find all about cast iron cookware here 

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel pots and pans are the cream of the crop.  Preferred by professional chefs everywhere, they are consistent workhorses—once you tame them.  Read up on stainless steel essentials and the important differences between stainless steel and nonstick cookware.

Deep Fryers, Oils & Accessories

We love deep fried food. Making great tasting food means that you need to be cooking with the right equipment. What type of deep fryer you  use and the oil that you use in it will make a big difference in the quality of the food you  create