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About The Editor

Sebastian Beaton

I grew up in Africa and have Italian heritage. This combination (I like to believe) has led me to love of food and especially the social side of things when it comes to cooking and food.

This website is not a food blog, there are plenty of those, this site looks at cooking food from a more technical aspect. At school, I loved the sciences and so for me while I love cooking, I get a thrill out of understanding the science behind it and this includes the tools that we use for this

Buying new things for the kitchen is fun but it can be a little overwhelming if you are not sure exactly what it is you need to be getting

This website is here to help you understand some of the mechanics behind cooking as well as what cookware and other kitchen accessories will do the job.

While I believe that with cookware and cooking you should always buy the very best that you can afford I hate wasting money on something that is expensive but not fit for the job I had in mind.

Understanding exactly what it is you need and how that something works will take you all the way to making the right chooses when it comes to buying something.

I am not the only one working on the website, I have my wonderful daughter who on occasion likes cooking but also loves learning about how things work. Of course last but not least I have my wonderful girlfriend Caz who likes cooking too.

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