How to Cook a Roast in a Pressure Cooker

If you are someone who has a terrible time making the perfect roast, maybe you need a pressure cooker. While a pressure cooker may not be the complete remedy to your solution, it can help tremendously

How to Cook Chicken in a Pressure Cooker

How many ways can you cook a chicken? I’m sure you could conjure up dozens of ways including baked, fried, and, grilled, but what about pressure cooked?

How to use a Pressure Canner

How to use a Pressure Canner There are many people that have a passion for canning and preserving food. If you are thinking about it getting into this then you should at least know a bit about what it takes to to use a pressure canner successfully. For many this is a hobby and a passion, what you make will be better then almost anything that you can buy in the shops. What is a pressure canner? If you aren’t aware of what a pressure canner is you must get familiar before using one for the first time. A pressure canner is the only way to preserve fresh food in a can/jar. The canner uses the pressure of steam to force the lid on and seal a jar without letting air in. The story behind the pressure canner In 1810, Nicholas Appert invented a way to preserve food that is similar

How to Season a Dutch Oven

If you own a cast iron Dutch oven or are thinking about buying one then you will know that they require seasoning, learn how to season a Dutch oven

How to make sticky rice in a rice cooker?

Sticky rice needs to be steamed and so is not often made in the western world as it requires a lot more work than normal rice.

How to make sushi rice in a rice cooker?

Sushi rice or sushi meshi is a short grained rice that is seasoned with salt, vinegar and sugar. Short grain Japanese rice is more glutinous than other types of Asian rice, it is this property that will make it stickier when you have finished.

How to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker?

Originally from Thailand, Jasmine is not commonly used in South East Asia. It is a long grain rice and has a little bit of a floral aroma and a soft slightly sticky texture when cooked, it is similar to basmati rice but a little shorter and thicker.

How do I cook risotto in a rice cooker?

If you are Italian please forgive me for this, Cooking risotto is supposed to be done the old fashioned labour intensive way, slaving and sweating over a pan cooking an awesome risotto.

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