Ozeri cookware Set – Green Earth Ceramic Non-stick Frying Pan Set Review

If you like to fry foods you should ensure you are doing so in one of the best non-stick pans.

Ozeri cookware set is known for its high-quality cookware, and their 3-piece frying pan set lives up to their standard.

The Ozeri green earth pans are a fashionable green for those who like to cook in style and is very reasonably priced. Over 64% of Amazon reviewers gave this set 5 of 5 stars!

Not sure that this is the right pan then have a look at our review of the best non stick frying pans .

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  • Chemical free ceramic coating
  • Even heat distribution
  • Texture surface
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Durable
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Magnetized for induction stoves
  • Moderate price


  • Non-stick will fade over time
  • The surface may rust over time
  • Coating may chip
  • Handles are screwed instead of welded
  • Metal utensils may not be the best idea
  • No lids included
  • Only one color choice

Ozeri Green Earth frying pan overview

Known for its endless inventory of products, the Ozeri brand isn’t just about cookware. Ozeri began by showcasing their products in vacation homes, timeshares, and condos; some of the most luxurious places to visit.

With their high-tech fans, wine openers, and digital scales, the brand built a name for itself; even winning awards for their quality and innovation.

Ozeri’s cookware is also leading in innovation. They manufacture lots of digital cookware which could help every kitchen prosper.
This Non-stick frying pan set comes with:

  • 1-8-inch frying pan
  • 1-10-inch frying pan
  • 1-12-inch frying pan
  • No lids are included

What are the key features of this cookware set?

zeri Green Earth Ceramic Non-stick Frying Pan Set

Your coating won’t contain any chemicals

There are a vast number of reports steering consumers away from using non-stick cookware because it contains chemicals that can be detrimental to your health. There are still non-stick cookware brands that manufacture cookware without these chemicals. This cookware set has a coating that is both PTFE and PFOA free, two chemicals responsible for causing cancer.

The Waffle texture is for your own good

If you’ve never seen this pattern on the surface of a pan before you should know that it serves an important purpose. The raised edges prevent chemicals from leaching into your food. If your dish ever scratches or cracks the chemicals found in the pan (not the coating) can get into your food.

The coating is scratch resistant

When your surface begins to break down, you should beware because it is a health risk. Although the coating itself may not contain chemicals, your pan is created using several metals that may produce them. Scratches leave room for these chemicals to rise to the surface and mesh into your meal.

You can touch your handle

Burning your hand on a boiling hot handle is no fun, so it’s an exquisite idea to make sure your handles are heat resistant. Silicone is the material that covers these handle, so it also provides a comfortable grip.

Your cookware is strong

Die-cast aluminum was used to create this set which speaks to its durability. Though it is made of a sturdy material, it is lightweight and easy to use.

Are there any drawbacks to purchasing this product?

The non-stick coating may fade

Once your non-stick coating goes away, everything you place in the pan will stick. You can prevent food from sticking to your dish, but you have to follow a few rules:

  • Never scrub your pan with a scrub pad because the abrasive materials will remove your coating.
  • If you’re heavy handed try using wooden cooking utensils. Traditional metal ones may scratch your coating.
  • Try using a gentle cleaner. Chemical-filled products contain acids that can begin to dissolve non-stick coatings.

The texture causes the pans to rust

Since the texture on the surface of these frying pans has peaks and valleys, it is important to ensure it is thoroughly dry before storing it. Letting water sit in the squares can cause them to rust, so store them upside down to make all of the water runs off.

The handle isn’t secure

Sure the Ozeri handle is heat resistant but some are having trouble getting it to stay on. Since the handle is attached with screws, it may become loose at times, but a screwdriver can fix this problem.

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So, what do consumers say about this product?

It is an excellent alternative to Teflon

Teflon cookware is often shaded because it can release harmful chemicals, so customers love this choice. They like how these frying pans cook, and some have even purchased other Ozeri products. Read our take on Ceramic vs Teflon

False advertisement

People seem to be upset because the product isn’t made in Germany as the brand states. If you read carefully, it says “with textured non-stick COATING from Germany” The coating may be manufactured in Germany, but the cookware is made in China, sorry guys!

Most of the buyers of this frying pan set seem to be highly satisfied. The bad reviews mainly talk about the coating not lasting which is probably caused by a user error, not the manufacturer.

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