12 of the coolest kitchen gadgets you don't yet know you need

If you are like me then you will understand the appeal of gadgets. I love spending time in my kitchen so it makes sense that I would want to invest in some of these to make life a little more fun while I am cooking.

Some of these will actually be useful and others are , well just toys to put a smile on your face. What ever purpose that is serves it is still fun and if you can get you hand on something that puts a smile on your face then you are already winning.

Have a look though these and see which one you would love in your kitchen.

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Lazy singleman’s breakfast sandwich maker

lazy singlemans breakfast sandwich maker

This is like having MacDonalds in your kitchen without all the fuss of going there to order. If you are a single man this should be on your list of must-have gadgets for a cooler home.

Lazy Couple’s Breakfast Sandwich maker

lazy couples breakfast sandwich maker

As with the one above, its Macdonalds in a box just for you, if you have upgraded and have a girlfriend then this is the one for you!

Oil Free Deep fryer

oil free deep fryer

For those who are looking for something cool but want the “healthy option” then this is the gadget for your kitchen. Great for making easy dinners for the kids.

Nordic ware silver dollar waffle griddle

waffle griddle

If you love waffles then this is the machine that you should be looking to get. It makes handy little waffles that wont overload you with calories and just look cool.

Darth Vader Toaster that brands your toast with the Star Wars Logo

darth vader toaster

If you are a fan of Star Wars then this will tickle you pink. How cool would it be to have this in your kitchen and get a bit if the dark side action in the morning?

Your very own personal pie maker

personal pie maker

Who does not like a good pie? With this Little gadget it is all so easy to make.

Even you could do it 🙂

Super cool and super space saving magnetic beer storage for your fridge

magnetic beer storage for your fridge

The ultimate man-cave accessory! Getting drinks form the fridge with something like this in place will be be so much fun!!

Bear Paw General purpose shredders for pulled pork an other meats

bear paw gripper

These Bear paw shredders will quickly help you shred your pulled pork meal and help you carve the roast. Or you could just wear them and look cool chasing the kids around the house.

Stainless steel pineapple slicer and dicer

stainless steel pineapple slicer dicer

Such a simple and fun way to get your dose of all the best bits of pineapple.

Easy to use vegetable chop and measure

vegetable chop measure

If you like a bit of order when you are cooking this is the gadget that you need. dice your unions into squares and finely dice your celery,it comes with a handy measure as well should you need to be measuring what you are chopping up.

Solid wood chopping board with built in scrap disposal

storage cutting board

This is the perfect board for chopping vegetables on, it comes with its own little disposer so you are able to keep the board clean while you are doing your chopping.

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