Cottage Cheese for weight loss: Some facts and myths

Cottage Cheese for weight loss_ Some facts and myths

Athletes and nutritionists love cottage cheese for a reason. In this article, we talk about using cottage cheese for weight loss and some common sense ideas that would help you along your journey.

In general Cottage cheese is very popular in America and for those that use it they understand the value it adds to your diet – high protein and low-calorie making it handy for snacks and an addition to meals. If used properly there are a lot of benefits, Let’s look into some of these

The Health Value of Cottage Cheese

People that have not been introduced to cottage cheese are often quite surprised by what you get from it . There are a lot of products on the market and so choosing the right one for your needs can be quite a challenge. According to this article , the healthiest cottage cheese brand is Lactaid, as it’s easy to digest as it contains lactase enzyme instead of lactose. Its versatility makes the product suitable for health-conscious Americans and those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Three one-cup servings make the daily recommended intake of dairy products. If you prefer food variety, then a single serving makes up for a third of your body’s need for dairy foods.

The Health Value of Cottage Cheese

how many calories are in one cup of cottage cheese

  • Calories: 220 per full-fat cheese/194 calories per low-fat cheese with 2% milk.
  • Protein: 25 grams/27 grams.
  • Calcium: 187 milligrams/206 milligrams – 19%, respectively 21% of the recommended daily intake (RDI). Calcium keeps healthy bone tissue and protects your heart, nerve function, and muscles.
  • Vitamin A: 11% of the RDI for men, respectively 14% of the RDI for women.
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5): 26% of the RDI/12% of the RDI. Vitamin A keeps your eyes healthy and supports cell growth. Pantothenic acid helps your body fight stress and promotes brain function.
  • Sodium: 819 milligrams/746 milligrams. The sodium RDI is 1,500 milligrams.
  • Selenium has an antioxidant function which supports the immune system and fights the aging process.

Benefits of Cottage Cheese that Promote Weight Loss

  • Low-Calorie Content: As we’ve stated before, cottage cheese contains a lot of protein packed in a low-calorie serving. Cottage cheese promotes weight loss by inducing a level of satiety similar to meat, egg or fish-based meal. By replacing a meal with cottage-cheese, you actually decrease the calorie intake for the day. According to a study, satiety levels are similar for different healthy people, regardless of their weight. Therefore, yes – the curd cheese work for you too.
  • Bone support function: Having strong, healthy bones help you also have a consistent and long-term workout program. Bone resistance is essential for your overall health too. However, the calcium in cottage cheese also keeps your teeth integrity to avoid any issues that might interfere with the diet you’ve already established.
  • Muscle health: Cottage cheese also contains the critical vitamin B-12 vitamin which naturally appears in animal-based products. The vitamin removes homocysteine from the blood and consequently minimizes the risk of heart disease. When mixed with calcium, B-12 also promotes a regular muscle contraction.

Myths about the impact of cottage cheese on weight loss diets

  • Fat-free cheese is better. You might forget the essentials of the challenge in your race to lose pounds. Cottage cheese comes with sufficient advantages per se. Fat-free cottage cheese products have a higher amount of sodium, which is unhealthy. A sodium-rich diet (exceeding the RDI) might lead to kidney damage and cardiovascular disease. If you plan to limit sodium, choose cottage cheese without salt addition and add some flavor by pairing it with fresh sweet fruit.
  • An exclusive diet has no side effects. You might encounter articles which promote a cottage-cheese restrictive low-calorie diet. They might even suggest that you lose a pound per day or two pounds within a week. As per any menu which only discusses a quick weight loss plan without considering your health, you will soon meet the yo-yo effect. Two-days diets are just meant to have a short-term impact, rather than adjusting your body to a new weight and some new meal habits. Extreme diet restrictions actually increase food cravings.
  • Everyone can make cottage cheese at home. Yes, cottage cheese can be made at home. However, the recipes and techniques are not available for anyone. The method is delicate and involves a process which requires close monitoring. Also, homemade cheese is so fragile that you will need to eat it within less than five days. Branded products typically go through a standardized process which involves close attention. Minimize risks by choosing branded cheeses.
Benefits of Cottage Cheese that Promote Weight Loss

When does cottage cheese work best for the weight loss diet?

There are plenty of recipes available online which allow you to integrate cottage cheese into almost every meal you plan to enjoy. Here are the basics of weight loss cheese eating.


A breakfast rich in protein can help you have enough energy to start the day. You can create a healthy pancake, or mix it into smoothies to increase the ingredients’ protein content. A banana split becomes healthier by adding cottage cheese. Also, you can substitute butter or mayo and create a light-calorie sandwich.


How about a cottage cheese salad sauce instead of the regular high-calorie dip? Tuna and chicken salad increase its taste with such a sauce. If you prefer a to-go lunch, a whole grain slice of bread with cheese and avocado slices. You can even top a baked potato with the cottage cheese.


Snacks should be light enough to help you stick with the weight loss plan, while it also fills you up for a few hours. You can create a balanced snack by mixing cottage cheese with pineapple slices, fresh pears or mango.


Widespread use of cottage cheese is as a substitute for ricotta in lasagna. Combine a dip with pasta sauces to enhance their taste. Also, use the cheese as a dip for guacamole, or baby carrots and celery sticks, next to cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes.

After Workouts

Proper nutrition helps you recover healthy after workouts. You will need protein and healthy carbs to help with muscle growth and stimulate creating harmony for your body mass. The small amounts of sodium from cottage cheese replaces the electrolytes you’ve lost through the sweating process.

Before bed

Avoiding food before bedtime doesn’t help you lose weight as you will go to sleep with a rumbling tummy that enhances your hunger feeling the next morning. You will have higher chances to comprise a bigger breakfast than necessary. Also, you will fall asleep difficult and miss out on your own schedule. By having a small amount of cottage cheese before bed enriches your body with casein protein and amino acid tryptophan which keep you full through the night. Tryptophan induces sleep, while casein protein is slow releasing to keep your body full overnight.

At a Party

If you’d host a party, everything will instantly simplify. You can make a cottage cheese ice cream and enjoy its flavor. However, when you go to someone else’s party, choosing might come difficult. Yet, many appetizers include cottage cheese. Try some bruschetta or a few greens with a cottage cheese sauce. If you want to make sure you stick to the plan, have a cottage cheese-based snack before leaving home. It will minimize any food cravings and help you make better choices.

The essentials of mixing cottage cheese with meals

Good associations: Almost every fruit, forest fruit, cereals, greens for salads and vegetables.

Bad associations: Egg whites, chicken, pork and any other kind of meat, soybeans – these meals are already high in protein. By adding cottage cheese, you might help your satiety go beyond its natural, comfortable feeling.

It is important to note

Due to its content, as we’ve shown it in the nutritional breakdown section, cottage cheese may trigger side effects to those sensitive to some of its compounds.

Too much protein may contribute to kidney problems because it decreases the waste removal function.

People with dairy allergies may encounter side effects due to the cheese casein content. Some symptoms include skin reactions, breathing trouble, facial swelling or anaphylaxis.

Those with lactose intolerance cannot digest sugars from dairy products. Ingesting cottage cheese might lead them to diarrhea, bloating, cramps, an upset stomach, and flatulence.

Excessive sodium accounts for hypertension.

Cottage cheeses contribution to weight loss

Athletes, nutritionists, and health-conscious Americans integrate cottage cheese into weight loss and bodybuilding diets. The cheese is versatile and generous when it comes to nutrients that get you ready for the day. However, a healthy diet plan should only be developed under the surveillance of a healthcare specialist or a nutritionist. Aside from lower calories than usual, you will also need to comprise meals which include all the vitamins and minerals you might need.

Please note that I am not a dietitian, the views expressed here are a result of research and experience. You should always consult a medical doctor before making big changes to your diet

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