How to clean an oven (effectively and easily)

How to clean and oven with vinegar & baking soda

I don’t know about you but I seem to be forever cleaning the inside of my oven. I know that this is not going to be the easiest of tasks. I think that the actual cleaning part is not so hard really, it is the position of my oven that makes this job all a bit of a pain.

Cooking in the oven often means that whatever is in there will spatter oil and fat onto the inside surface of the oven. Prolonged exposure to heat will burn this layer onto the surface and make cleaning it potentially difficult if you don’t have the right tools or cleaning agents.

In this article, we are going to be looking at a few of the ways that you can easily clean your oven. If it is easy to cle

Well, I have decided to try out a few other methods and ingredients to see what happens.

I will also have a look at some of the other “stronger ” cleaners as sometimes if you have left this lovely job a little too long then it becomes a lot harder to clean.

let’s start with some of the more natural home grown solutions on the market.

Clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda

This is your very own homemade oven cleaner and is a great way to clean the oven, it will require you to leave the baking soda mixture on the oven surface for at least eight to ten hours. For this reason, it is best if you do this in the evening and leave it over night so that it is ready for you in the morning (nice job to wake up to)

What will you need for the job?

  • A box or tin of baking soda
  • Water to mix with the baking soda
  • Rubber gloves(I don’t bother with these but they are good for protection)
  • Damp dishcloth (maybe an old one lying about, if your oven gets as bad as mine the dishcloth will be a goner)
  • Plastic or silicone spatula (some scraping will be needed)
  • Spray bottle (for the vinegar)
  • White vinegar (don’t forget this!)

Right now that we have everything ready to go here is what you need to do

Step one

Remove all of the oven racks ( these will need to be cleaned separately) and anything else that you have in the oven that is removable. You want as much open space as possible here.

Step two

Get a bowl and add in a healthy portion of baking soda, I think that it is better to repeat this part than to make to much so think about things like how big is the oven etc ( we hate waste). You are going to need to mix water now to make a paste. I would get a table spoon and add the water in with bit by bit so that you get a can see when you get that texture right. You are looking to get it to the point where it is a paste.

Step three

You want to coat the inside of the oven with this paste. For some, this is where the rubber gloves will come in as sometimes this is disgusting. If you are hardcore like me then you will just dive in. You should also coat the glass as well as this will get dirty.

Don’t be scared to rub it a little while you are doing this as this will help remove some of the dirt.

Please try not to get any of your mixture on the heating elements as this stuff stinks if it burns. not good for your nose and I am not sure it is very good for the heating element

Step four (the easy bit)

Leave this to sit over night or for a decent amount of time, the longer the better up to a point. I think that anything between 10-12 hours and you will have hit the sweet spot for this.

Step five

When you are ready then it is time to spray the inside of the oven with the vinegar, if you have some sort of atomiser this will work well. The idea is to get an even layer of vinegar over the whole of the inside.

Here is the science bit:

Baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (acetic acid) have a chemical reaction when added together they produce carbonic acid. This compound is very unstable and will start to break down into carbon dioxide and water. It is this process that helps to lift and break down the dirt.

Step six

Wipe down the oven with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt and the powder etc. You will want to take care on this as you really do need to get rid of everything in the oven. Baking soda does not smell great when heated. This is the cleaning part so do it well.

I found this very entertaining youtube video clip if you are a visual person or just like youtube videos

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