How to cook canned black beans like a pro

How to cook canned black beans

When it comes to beans, there are beans and then there are Cuban black beans! To the foodie, they might just be missing out on this great source of fiber, multiple vitamins, minerals, and protein if they have not had it before.

However, having black beans is made simpler by cooking canned black beans. Ironically, most people do not know how to cook canned black beans or, when they do, they cook them incorrectly. Even though there are a couple steps involved, people still mess it up! The truth is, black beans can be one of the most simple and delicious meals to make, especially when you combine them with unique ingredients like zucchini to make a black bean vegan veggie burger!

With that said, if you live in a household of picky eaters and black beans are a “no-show” at the dinner table, you can disguise them in unusual ways. Let’s break it down!

Breaking Down Canned Black Beans

With this tasty legume, you can incorporate it into your meal or with your meal in thousands of ways. Either as a side dish or tasty main course, black beans are filled with many benefits and beneficial nutrients.

The first thing to note is that canned black beans already come salted and with water. Secondly, canned black beans come already cooked. This is important to know! It makes your job much easier, especially if you want to know how to cook canned black beans in a microwave, just warm them up! With that said, if you love spices (not spicy) you can add an extra pinch of your favorite spice and watch the canned black beans come alive with flavor.

The most relevant mistake that people make is cooking the canned black beans for too long and in turn, turning the canned black beans into mush.

NOTE: You can buy canned black beans in regular or reduced-sodium packaging.

What you will need to cook your black beans

How to cook canned black beans on your stove

1. Peel off the onion and using a ceramic knife, slice it into small cubes, be safe! (Otherwise, use a vegetable chopper)

2. Open the can of black beans and wash them thoroughly under running water with a colander.

3. Turn the stove to medium heat and place the pan/deep pot on the burner. Pour a dab of oil and add the sliced onion.

4. Season it with a bit of salt and pepper. Remember, the canned black beans already contain salt. Fry the onions to a golden-brown color.

5. Add the canned black beans.

6. Cook them for 4-8 minutes, since they are already cooked. If you desire your black beans juicier, add a bit of water.

Voila – you have officially learned how to cook canned black beans on the stove! This can be incredibly useful especially if you have always wondered how to cook black beans for burritos like restaurants do.

Canned black beans for tacos recipe

Don’t Do This to Your Canned Black Beans

1. Not Rinsing Before Cooking

The liquid inside the can is starch-filled and very salty. Therefore, it is extremely important to rinse your black beans, otherwise, they will be extremely salty.

2. Do Not Store Leftovers in the Same Can

Storing after opening will surely ruin your black beans. Therefore, always throw the can away because it can no longer hold the freshness of the contents inside.

3. Do Not Over-Season Your Black Beans

Over seasoning, your = black beans can ruin them. It is important to remember that black beans already come salted, therefore try the beans before you add spices to make sure they are to your liking. Then, add spices slowly.

4. Do Not Cook Beans Inside The Can

Cooking the beans inside the can be quite hazardous. It may seem safe, but since it is a solid material, it can do more harm than good.

5. Do Not Change Canned Beans With Dried Beans

Dried black beans must be soaked for a predetermined amount of time before cooking. Therefore, even though they may look the same, they are not! Never supplement dried beans for canned black beans and expect them to cook in a couple of minutes.

Cuban Black Beans Are Delicious

If you want to learn how to cook black beans from a can, it is essential you follow the instructions above for the tastiest black beans. If you do, you are on your way to becoming a black bean expert in no time. With that said, if you are looking for recipes to inspire you – here you go!

Canned Black Beans Recipes To Inspire You

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