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How to cook wild rice in a rice cooker? And the best rice to buy.

How to cook Wild rice

Cooking wild rice in a rice cooker is actually surprisingly easy but is takes a lot longer than normal rice to cook. You will have to cook the rice up to about 50 mins, so you should plan accordingly.

For this recipe you will be working on a 1 measure of rice to 2 measures of water. It should be noted that you can use either water for this or something like chicken stock for extra flavour. I love chicken stock and will make my own after having a roast chicken. If you boil the carcass and add in a bit of celery you will make your very own top of the range, best in the west chicken stock.

You should always add salt, this adds flavour to the rice and helps with the cooking as it increases the boiling point of your water. Something handy if you are at higher altitudes.

You can also add a little butter to the mix as well.

Once you have added all of this, you should cook it for between 40-50 mins or until the rice cooker automatically turns off. Once this is all complete then leave it to sit for about 10 mins to rest and then you can serve.

How to cook your wild rice

Cooking instructions:

  • I cup rice
  • 2 cups water /chicken stock
  • Add salt to taste
  • Add a bit of butter
  • Cook for 40-50 mins
  • 10mins to rest then it is ready to eat.