Twokitchenjunkies How-to Guides

  • How to clean a deep fryer
    How to clean a deep fryer
    Learn how to clean a deep fryer so that it will last longer and perform to the best of your model's capacity. We look at both home & commercial deep fryers in this post as each one is a little different. ...
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  • What-is-a-pizza-peel
    What is a pizza peel?
    Pizza Peels come in a range of lengths and sizes. What you will need will really depend on the size of the oven and ultimately what size pizza you want to make. Remember, you can make a small pizza on a larger peel but you can’t make large pizza on a small peel....
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  • How to Clean a Pizza Stone
    How to Clean a Pizza Stone
    Pizza stones are extremely porous, it is one of the qualities that makes them good for cooking pizza on and it is also what will make it a little difficult to clean in the tradition way....
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  • cleaning copper pots
    How to Clean Copper Cookware
    Shiny new clean copper pots and pans have a lot of appeal to them. They will make any kitchen look, well just, awesome. Seeing copper pots and pans hanging in a kitchen can really add flare to the heart of the home....
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