How to store fresh ginger

How to store fresh ginger

Today we’re going to take a look at the different ways to store ginger.

 You want to make sure you get the best from ginger as it is at its best when it is fresh so it is important to extend shelf life without compromising that ginger flavor. 

There are also health benefits to fresh ginger. 

let’s dive in and discuss the first method of storing ginger.

How To Store Ginger At Room Temperature

Unpeeled whole ginger root can easily be stored at room temperature as it is. You don’t have to wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

After a piece was cut off, ginger needs to be covered up so that it can remain fresh. To do so, start by covering the exposed fresh ginger with aluminum foil. Wrapped this way, you can keep the ginger root inside your pantry or on the kitchen counter.

This storage method is preferred if you plan to use the root soon after you got it. When you are not sure if the ginger is safe to be used or stored, simply use a visual test. Moistness and softness are clear signs that the ginger is going bad. Soon after, it will start to develop mold, which is when it becomes inedible.

How Long Can You Store Fresh Ginger At Room Temperature?

When left undisturbed, you can store ginger at room temperature for up to seven days. During this short timeframe, freshness and flavor are guaranteed. Stored for a longer period of time at room temperature, fresh ginger might become unsafe to eat. If you don’t plan to use the root within seven days, opt for a different storage method.

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How To Store Ginger Inside The Fridge

If you want to keep ginger for more than a week, you have to refrigerate it. Inside the fridge, you can store fresh ginger either as a whole piece or peeled. Below, we detailed some of the options you have for this storage method.

Storing Peeled Ginger In The Fridge

To store unpeeled ginger in the fridge, you need to use sherry, vodka or another type of strong alcohol. If you don’t want to use alcohol, fresh lemon juice can also get the job done.

When the ginger is peeled, you need to submerge it inside the alcohol of your choice or lemon juice. This will keep the ginger fresh for the longest possible timeframe, which is around two months.

To store ginger this way, use a paring knife or vegetable peeler to peel the skin. After you finish peeling, add the ginger to the glass jar. Add vodka, sherry or lemon juice and then tightly screw the lid. Make sure the root is fully submerged in the liquid.

Whenever you want to use the peeled fresh ginger, take it out of the jar. Make sure you pat it dry before using it. If you don’t have to use the entire root, put it back in the jar. After you are done with all the ginger, the sherry or vodka can be used for other purposes, like making cocktails.

Storing Unpeeled Ginger In The Fridge

When you do not want to use vodka or sherry to preserve ginger in the fridge, don’t peel it. Unpeeled, it can be stored as a whole inside the fridge. You need to use a sealable plastic bag for this. Put the fresh ginger inside the bag and make sure that you press out all the air. After, seal the bag place it inside the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

When you want to use fresh ginger stored through this method, you cut off a piece of proper size. The exposed size of the remaining root needs to be covered with paper towels before you add it back to the plastic bag.

Storing unpeeled ginger in the fridge with this method allows you to use the root for a maximum of two months.

Alternatively, if you just plan to use the leftover ginger in the following week, it is enough to wrap it in paper towels or place it inside a paper bag. This offers suitable short-term freshness.

How To Store Ginger Inside The Freezer

Can you freeze ginger? Yes, absolutely. If you want to freeze, you have to peel it first. This allows for easier usage when you unfreeze it. It is important to know that ginger is difficult to peel so you need a sharp paring knife to remove the outer skin layer of the root.

After you are done with peeling, wrap the root with plastic wrap. Then, put it inside a high-quality, freezer-safe plastic bag. The goal is to make sure that no part of the ginger root ends up being exposed to air. You can use a marker to write down the date so you know exactly for how long the ginger will be good after you freeze it.

How Long Does Frozen Ginger Last?

When you use the above method for freezing ginger, it can easily last for up to six months. The root will remain completely safe to consume and will be flavorful. However, if you freeze it and refreeze it more than a couple of times, it will last less. To prevent this, freeze ginger in small portions so you can use it entirely after thawing.

If you have a lot of fresh ginger that needs to be frozen, the best thing that you can do is to divide it into smaller batches.

How To Use Frozen Ginger

When it is time to use the frozen ginger, you remove it from the bag and unwrap it. Take a Microplane grater and simply grate away what is necessary. The rest can be rewrapped and put back inside the bag for future freezer storage. Frozen grated ginger is as flavorful if not more flavorful than the packaged variety you can purchase from the grocery store.

You can use the ginger frozen, without waiting for thawing. Also, do not let the frozen ginger out of your freezer for over two minutes since this can reduce taste and for how long it can be stored inside the freezer.

How To Select Fresh Ginger

How to select fresh ginger

The most important thing when selecting fresh ginger is to look for a root that is heavy, firm and smooth. Ginger can be kept fresh for a much longer period of time when its condition is good.

Here’s what to look for:

Touch the ginger and see if it feels firm. The outer layer of the skin needs to be smooth. Always select the roots that have these exact characteristics to maintain long-term freshness.

The skin needs to be shiny and thin, not fibrous and thick.

Another thing to take into account is that it is best to buy big ginger roots. This is because the root will have a larger flesh area. When you buy small ginger roots, they have countless knobby and small fingers. When you peel the ginger, you end up throwing a lot of it away. Larger ginger roots are much easier to peel and use.

Smell the ginger to see if it has a spicy and pungent smell. If the answer is yes, it’s safe to buy. If the answer is no, put it away. A strong smell is a sign of freshness. When ginger doesn’t have a strong smell, it could be a sign that it has been sitting in the store for a while

You want to avoid all ginger that is moldy, wrinkled and/or soft. This is a clear indicator of bad quality. At the same time, be careful with skin blemishes like discoloration, mold spots, and wrinkles. It is very difficult to keep such ginger fresh and can easily spoil very fast.

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