How To Store Tofu

How To Store Tofu

Most recipes require you to use a small part of the tofu that you buy so it is very important to learn how to properly store tofu.

From freezing tofu to keeping it in the refrigerator, there are many different ways to store leftover tofu to ensure your favorite ingredient doesn’t go bad. It’s a matter of preference, really. But we want you to make an informed decision, that’s why we discussed all the possible ways of storing tofu.

Keep reading if you want to find the best solution for storing leftover tofu.

Why Should Tofu Be Stored?

Because of its texture, tofu quickly dries out. You need to preserve it properly in order to maintain consistency and texture. Tofu flavor also plays a part in the way in the way you store leftovers since exposure to oxygen can easily lead to flavor degradation. When you store tofu, you can preserve everything that is extra and that was removed from the original packaging.

How To Store Tofu In The Fridge

You can store sealed tofu inside the fridge for a maximum of three months. After you open the original packaging, possible storage is restricted to five days maximum. After this time passes, the flavor starts to be lost and the consistency changes.

After you buy the tofu, it is best to keep it in its original package. Keep the tofu inside the fridge as soon as you buy it. Use the product during the first three months.

When you open the tofu packet, you have to transfer the leftover to an airtight container. The temperature needs to be decreased so that fungal and bacterial growth is reduced. After you put the tofu inside the airtight container, fill it with water. This helps maintain freshness. Change the water daily to make sure you preserve freshness and extend shelf life.

How To Freeze Tofu

Can you freeze tofu? Of course. In fact, if you want to store tofu for a long period of time, the freezer is by far the most effective solution. It helps you to retain flavor for a maximum of three months. At the same time, the tofu will become chewier and it will be more capable to absorb all marinades.

If the tofu packet is unopened, it can simply be put inside the freezer. Unopened tofu packages stored in the freezer can last even for three months after the official expiration date printed on the label. Do not add anything on the packet since this can lead to damaged tofu blocks. When it is time to defrost, just do so with the quantity that you will use.

If the packet is opened, you need to remove excess moisture first. Then, cut the block into smaller cubes to allow easier container storage. You can place the tofu cubes on a standard cookie sheet to freeze for two hours. You then remove the cubes and you store them in an airtight container or a plastic freezer bag.

How To Store Tofu Inside A Cupboard

You can store most tofu packages at room temperature until you open them. After you do so, leftover tofu needs to be preserved using a different method. The package of the preferred tofu type can simply be placed inside the cupboard or in the pantry. Room temperature does not affect the tofu if the package is tightly sealed. The most important thing is to keep the package away from direct sunlight exposure.

If the package is opened, you can still store it inside the cupboard but it is not recommended. Shelf life for opened tofu packages stored at room temperature is only two days. However, if you do not wish to refrigerate leftover tofu and you plan to use it within two days, place it in an airtight container. Store tofu in your pantry or in another dark place. Storing tofu varieties that are silken requires salted water. Change the water daily and consume within two days. Before eating, check the smell and texture of tofu to be sure it hasn’t gone bad.

Preserving Tofu To Store It

Besides the storage options mentioned above, you can also preserve the tofu using these two methods:

Smoking Tofu

Many people prefer the flavor of smoked tofu. But this is also a great way of preserving tofu and extend shelf life. The tofu can gain the flavor from the wood that is used during the smoking process, with ash and almond being preferred. Excess water is removed through smoking so the method cannot be used for softer tofu or silken tofu.

In order to smoke tofu, you do not need a lot of smoke. You smoke the tofu just as you would meat but you have to apply a marinade on it before you grill it. Tofu blocks should be placed on gentle smoke trickles and covered with the use of a lid. The ideal temperature is 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to grill for just 15 minutes on one side and then turn the tofu piece and grill for an additional 15 minutes. Make sure that you constantly check the fire so it is not too hot and charcoal does not burn out.

After smoking tofu, you can keep it inside the fridge for a maximum of 14 days. You just have to wrap it with paper towels and then place it in the refrigerator. However, the best idea is to serve the tofu as soon as it is smoked since the flavor is way better.

Fermenting Tofu

When you ferment tofu, you get a really tasty recipe condiment that can be stored for up to one year. You can ferment tofu before or after shaping. All tofu varieties can be fermented.

Start by rinsing the tofu to then pat it dry with paper towels. Then, you want to press it with the use of a tofu press. Alternatively, you can build your own with a heavier skillet. Kitchen towels should be used to capture water as it leaves the tofu.

After removing the water, you put the tofu inside a regular steamer. You then wait for fermentation to happen and you allow mold to grow, which should happen after around one day. Fermentation should last around one week. After it is done, you can season the tofu with peppercorn powder and chili powder. Transfer the tofu to a mason jar. Add an ounce of white wine and fill the rest of the jar with sesame oil.

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