Induction Cooktops & Cookware

There are a number of major benefits to using induction Technology. One of the biggest is in the area reduced energy bills as the stove tops are far more efficient. A lot of the cookware coming onto the market is now induction ready which is a smart move by their production companies.

Here are some of the benefits of using induction technology:

  • The transfer of heat from the stove to cookware is totally circumvented making for a far more efficient method heating
  • No more hot stoves that can potentially burn unsuspecting hands and kids
  • Can be used with any cookware that has magnetic properties
  • Because the induction stove top does not actually heat you can buy stove top versions that are portable and can help with space saving and even be safely used when you are out camping for example.
  • Because there is no heat transfer between the stove top and the cookware changes are instant and this has an unprecedented level of control. What does this mean for you? A much higher success rate on the final cook dish.
  • Because induction ready cookware requires steel to heat you will find that the quality of the cookware that you can use will be better. This does mean that you may have to pay a little bit more for the cookware but it will be something worth investing in.

One of the biggest potential stumbling blocks when it comes to converting to induction technology is the cost factor of cookware that you will need to get to run your kitchen on this type of stove top.

For those that have alway bought top of the range steel ply cookware will find this cost a lot smaller if anything at all while others that have invested in more aluminum based cookware might find this cost significant. This is something that should be carefully thought through before you make the change.

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