The Keurig k250 review for 2020

The Keurig K250 Review

Looking for a coffee maker that will make you the perfect cup of coffee but does not take up much space in the kitchen –

If this is you, then I may have just the machine for you- it is the Keurig K250 coffee maker. This machine has had a lot of attention and comes highly recommended on websites like Amazon

The Keurig K250 is a single-serve coffee machine that is compact and takes up very little space in the kitchen. It has great features that allow you to quickly make a range of coffees to suit your taste

If you are interested in knowing how powerful this coffee maker is, please continue reading.

With k250, apart from using premade pods, you can use your own freshly ground coffee because of its compatibility with the Keurig reusable coffee filters.

Pros & Cons of the Keurig k250


  • Quite easy to install and use.
  • Besides coffee, it will give you hot water for tea if you need
  • For a stronger brew, a strength control setting is available.
  • Black & White touch screen available to make a selection of different cup sizes.
  • A water reservoir of up to 40 oz. available.
  • Brew sizes available in more than one option — 4,6,8, and 10 ounces.
  • Can brew a 22,26 or 30 K-carafe.
  • The drip tray can easily be removed for cleaning
  • The water tank is easy to remove or connect
  • Takes up less space.
  • There is a setting to help you make better coffee if you live at high altitudes – very cool


  • This machine will not automatically switch off
  • Needs a Keurig carafe to brew a carafe.
  • Timer and clock not available.
  • You will need to use the Keurig Coffee pods.

Keurig k250: An overview

Let’s see what this machine has to offer you:

One of the best things about this coffee machine is its ability to occupy less counter space because of its sleek design

The design and the color of the machine mean that you have an appliance that will look appealing in the kitchen. One of the nice little touches of this machine is that you can choose the colors that you want from a range

Currently, it’s available in black, blue, imperial, denim blue, red, peacock blue, oasis, grey, plum, sandy pearl, and turquoise.

There are other advantages to this machine

  • Fast brewing and a well-made coffee
  • Strength control of your coffee
  • Choose the size of your coffee

The Black & White screen enables a hassle-free brewing of a great tasting coffee within a minute.

Is The Keurig k250 Easy to Use?

Hassle-Free Installation

If you have seen other coffee makers in the market, you would know, that it can be a pain to set them up. But, this is definitely not the case with k250. In order to install this coffee machine, all you have to do is place the machine on the kitchen countertop, plug it in, remove the water reservoir, fill it with water, and put it back into the brewer. Remove the shipping disk and lower the handle after you have switched on the power button.

The process of preheating does not take more than 3 minutes after which you will need to do a ‘cleansing brew’. For this, you need to place a 12-ounce mug on the drip tray, make a selection of 8-ounce brew size and then press brew.

Once the cleansing brew gets over, you can brew a K-cup. For this, you should place a mug on the drip tray and select a cup pod of your choice to place it in the cup pod holder. You can then select the brew size, lower the handle and brew.

If your preference is a strong coffee, you should select the strong control strength setting option.

Built to Deliver Different Brew Sizes and Strengths

Most coffee lovers want to have a machine that can let them brew coffee in different sizes. Keurig k250 can let you brew coffee in a variety of brew sizes — 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces.

The best thing this appliance has to offer is its ability to brew a K-carafe despite being a single cup brewing machine. The carafe does not come with the machine but can be bought separately if you want to have up to 30 ounces of coffee in one go, for yourself and your family.

Another good feature this coffee maker has is the strength control feature. This feature allows you to brew a stronger coffee.

The 40-ounce removable water reservoir in the k250 machine can get you up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. This not only helps you save time but to have a simplified brewing process.

Slim and Slender Design Suitable for Small Counter Spaces

Keurig k250 comes in sleek and slender shape to allow for installation in small kitchen spaces. This machine that’s 9-inches wide is perfect for low-width countertops and small kitchen spaces in homes and offices.

Further, it should come as good news to the environmentally-conscious customers that Keurig k250 belongs to a line of products that have been designed keeping in mind the green and clean environment. Keurig who came up with a Keurig Plus line of products can be used only with biodegradable cup pods and so if you decide to purchase k250, you will forget the waste and carbon footprints forever.

One must note that Keurig, besides offering reusable K-cups, also offers 2.0 My K-cup accessories so that you never have to worry about a product that can cause irreparable harm to the environment.

How Does Keurig k200 Differ From k250?

Though both k200 and k250 are compact in size and have the same design, k250 does not carry as varied color choices as you find with k200. One of the main differences between the two models is that k250 has a water filtration system not found in k200.

Does Keurig k250 Come with Water Filtration System?

With k250, you get to enjoy the advantage of 2 water filters that not many coffee makers come with.

So you don’t need to purchase a water filter separately. One of the greatest benefits with water filter is that it does not allow building up of minerals. This filtration system gives the K250 an extended Life span making it a good option to consider.

What you get When You Order for k250?

When you order for k250, you get to see a slim and sleek single-serve coffee maker about 13.7 x 9 x 15 inches in size. Along with the main appliance, you also receive two water filters, a water filter handle, a bottle of descaling solution, and a pack of 4 K-Cup pods in different varieties giving you the advantage of not requiring you to purchase any pods or accessories separately.

Which of these two are best

Keurig k250 though priced higher than k200 can brew a pleasant coffee within a minute. One of top merits of k250 is it takes much less time for preheating than k200. Besides, you do not need to purchase water filters separately from the package you receive after placing an order. You receive 2 water filters when you buy k250.

Keurig k250 can brew up to 4 cups of coffee without the need to refill thus giving you the advantage of having coffee in one go for more than one person.

On the whole, k250 comes up trumps compared, not just to the k200 but many other coffee machines available in the market.

Key Things to Consider

While this is a great machine, it is not all good news, there are a few things that take into consideration before you buy

  • You can not use cup pods of other brands. In case, you decide to use non-brand pods, the needle o the Keurig k250 machine can get damaged and therefore you are advised not to use non-brand pods.
  • k250 does not have an auto-shutoff feature but this should not pose a challenge as it only indicates that this machine will need a little more input from you.
  • The k250 is a little noisy when making your coffee but this is counterbalanced by the fact that the machine is very fast. Not many machines available in the market are so fast and quick as k250 is.

Despite the limitations, the coffee k250 brews is pleasant, smooth, and tasteful. Plus, you get variety in taste and strength. A Keurig coffee maker that yields a mild coffee also does provide flavored, decaf, and a strong coffee.

Functionality Of The Keurig k250

Keurig k250 is a coffee maker that offers you several choices in taste. Not many features are available in the machine yet a machine worth considering as it allows for optimization in brew settings.

Besides coffee, you can have tea, hot cocoa, and hot chocolate — a great advantage over so many other coffee making machines available in the market.

With k250, you can use not just coffee pods, but brew your own coffee grounds because of its compatibility with the Keurig reusable coffee filters.

You also get a cup of coffee brewed just at the right temperature because of the high altitude temperature feature available with this machine. A high altitude feature becomes necessary for those who live in high altitude environment.

Features Of Keurig k250

Keurig k250 makes your mornings relaxed and peaceful because of its ability to brew a cup of coffee easily and quickly. You don’t need to wait for too long to have a cup of coffee when you are just about to start your day.

Keurig k250 can easily identify the type of cup pod you insert in the brewer and thus can optimize the brew setting accordingly. But with all good machines – you can override this should you want something different

k250 coffee making machine comes with a touch screen button and so you can have a cup of coffee brewed in different sizes. You can also have a mug or K-carafe brewed with this machine. However, for having a mug or carafe, you will need to buy the K-carafe and K-carafe pods separately ( there are also the reusable pods that you can then add your own coffee into)

Cleaning the Keurig K250

One of the great features this machine carries is its ability to allow for an easy cleaning process because of the removable water reservoir and a drip tray. In order to clean this machine, all you have to do is wash the water tank and tray with a little soapy water and dry on a drying mat instead of wiping off the water with a cloth. The use of cloth should be avoided so as to prevent the transfer of fiber.

In Conclusion

Keurig k250 makes for a great choice, if you are looking for a machine that looks not only classy in its appearance but can fit into congested and small kitchen spaces, then this is for you.

You also get to pay less, when you opt for this coffee making machine.

And, so what, if it works only with Keurig cup pods? After all, Keurig k250 is a machine that can brew coffee without compromising on taste and quality.

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