Ozeri 12-inch Green Earth frying pan review

Need a pan that can do it all? Try the Green Earth Frying Pan made by Ozeri.

Rated 4 of 5 stars on Amazon, this pan can cook a variety of foods without making them stick to the pan.

The non-stick coating will help you by cutting down cleanup time for good. Its vivid shade of green is guaranteed to bring life into any kitchen!

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  • Chemical free non-stick coating
  • Textured surface
  • Easy to use/clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Durable
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Can be used on an induction cooktop
  • Comes in 8, 6 and 12 inch


  • No lid
  • Only one item
  • Only one color choice

Ozeri 12-inch Green Earth frying pan overview

If you’ve run across an Ozeri product, it probably wasn’t anything related to cookware.

The Ozeri brand begun by placing their products in luxurious residences such as golf clubs, hotels, and condos. They also make products for health and fitness such as blood pressure cuffs and stopwatches.

The brand is well-known for their electronic cookware, including digital scales and automatic wine openers.

Staying true to their name, Ozeri has worked to create some of the best cookware around. This 12-inch frying pan comes solo; the lid is not included.

What are the key features of this cookware set?

Ozeri 12-inch Green Earth Frying Pan

What’s that funny texture on my pan?

Ozeri added a waffle textured surface to the bottom of each of these frying pans. The surface helps ensure that no chemicals get into your food while cooking. The coating on these pans are chemical free, but that doesn’t mean the entire pan is!

Chemicals won’t leach into your food

Many non-stick coatings contain two chemicals called PTFE and PFOA but this pan doesn’t. These chemicals can get into your food and stir up illnesses like cancer, which is why this pan is the way to go.

The coating is scratch resistant

You don’t want to purchase cookware with a coating that can be scratched easily. If you’re coating chips or scratches, the chemicals in them can get into your food. Since it is a scratch resistant coating, you are welcome to use any utensil you want to cook.

Heat resistant handle

When you’re in the middle of cooking and need to reposition your cookware you should be able to touch the handle without burning your skin. This cookware set has a silicon handle that repels heat. There is no need to use an oven mitt with this 12-inch ceramic pan.

Are there any drawbacks to purchasing this product?

Your food will begin to stick

The only complaint that buyers had about this Ozeri product is that the non-stick coating fades over time. This is true about all non-stick pans but the amount of uses you have before that happens is up to you. If you want your non-stick cookware to live a long life be sure not to scrub it too hard and use a gentle dish soap. You may also wish to invest in some wooden utensils just to be safe.

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So, what do consumers say about this product?

It’s made in China

Reading is fundamental, and if these clients practiced this habit, there would be no complaints about where this pan is manufactured. On the product’s page, the company clearly states that the ceramic coating is from Germany but never mentioned the rest of the components. The non-stick layer may not be made in China, but the other pieces are!

Loose Handle

Since these handles are screwed on they may become loose after a while. This isn’t a huge issue if you have a screwdriver, you don’t have to be a handyman to fix a pot handle!

Great value for the price

Those who take care of their non-stick cookware properly love the pan especially since it sells for a mere $32.00.You must remember that non-stick cookware wasn’t created for high temperatures and rough handling so you may shorten the life of your pan if you don’t control yourself!

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