Scanpan reviews: The Scanpan CTX 10-piece deluxe set

The Scanpan CTX collection is not for the faint hearted. This high-quality set sells for 699.99 but has been rated 4.5 of 5 stars on Amazon.

The modern design brings a positive aesthetic to any home, and its great features can help create a terrific dish. If you don’t have enough disposable income to purchase this 10-piece set, opt for the 5 piece which sells for $450.00.

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Pros of the

  • Made of squeeze-cast recycled aluminum
  • Completely chemical free cookware
  • 18/10 stainless steel handles
  • Handles attached with secure rivets
  • Can be used for frying
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • Easy to clean/use
  • Even heat distribution

Cons of the scanpan ctx

  • High price
  • Lids don’t come with every piece
  • Pan may stain over time
  • Non-stick coating may wear off over time
  • May not perform well under extreme heat

Scanpan CTX 10-Piece deluxe set overview

Scanpan was born in 1956 with an obligation to create some of the finest cookware around. The brand originated in Denmark but is now known throughout the globe.

Their unique cookware is made from hand cast aluminum which contributes to their stellar appearance and durability. Their non-stick coating is made from a patented ceramic titanium which speaks to the quality of the Scanpan brand.

According to Scanpan “Good food deserves quality tools made with the same commitment, respect and care that we exercise when producing and handling our food.”

This Scanpan CTX 10-piece set comes with:

  • An 8-inch frying pan
  • A 10-inch frying pan
  • A 2-quart saucepan with a lid
  • A 2-3/4 quart saucepan with a lid
  • A 1-1/4 inch sauté with a lid
  • A 7-1/2 quart Dutch oven with a lid

What are the key features of this cookware set?

Scanpan CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set

The materials Scanpan uses are fantastic

So many non-stick brands are made with flimsy materials that either dent, crack, or scratch. Scanpan uses a mix of aluminum and stainless steel to ensure high-quality and strength. The aluminum is hand cast, so it is made with loads of care.

They’ve created their own ceramic coating

The ceramic coating used on the Scanpan CTX deluxe set is designed and patented by the Scanpan brand. The coating is a mixture of ceramic and titanium which ensures it doesn’t chip, crack, or scratch. This type of layer cannot be found on any other cookware brands.

Use any utensil while you cook

So many non-stick pots and pans are made with a coating that will chip if it is handled roughly. Companies recommend their clients use non-abrasive materials such as wood while you cook, so the coating doesn’t chip. Since Scanpan’s patented coating is made from titanium and ceramic it can stand the beating metal utensils may sometimes cause.

This set may turn you into a gourmet cook

Since this set is manufactured using some of the greatest materials for cookware, your food may become better than ever. The even heat distribution and tough metals allow you to sear, brown and deglaze food, a feature you’ll never find in other non-stick pans.

Heats evenly throughout

The aluminum and stainless steel mix these pieces are made of help distribute heat evenly throughout your cookware. Low-quality dishes may warm up more in one place than others; your food will burn in one area and be raw in others.

Can be used on all stove tops

If you have a glass top or and induction stove, you may be picky about which cookware sets come into our home. The great thing about this Scanpan set is that you can use it on all stove types, it is also magnetized for guaranteed success on your induction stove.

Are there any drawbacks to purchasing this product?

The non-stick coating wears away

No matter what non-stick item you purchase, the coating has the ability to fade away. Non-stick cookware should be handled with care no matter how many metals it is made from because the coating is fragile. Try not to use any abrasive materials to clean you pots and pans and use a gentle cleaner.

The lids may malfunction

A few customers say their lid grip began to come off after a while, so the pan doesn’t seal while you cook. If this does happen, take advantage of Scanpan’s warranty or turn down the heat!

May begin to change color

Those who like to cook using high heat may experience discoloration. Also, if you let oil or any other materials settle on your cookware, it could burn if you don’t remove it completely.

Handles do not stay cool

You’ll need an oven mitt if you opt to purchase Scanpan’s set because the handles don’t have a stay-cool feature like some brands. Instead, they are made from stainless steel. Using an oven mitt isn’t a huge deal if the product performs well.

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So, what do consumers say about this product?

The biggest complaint about this set is that the non-stick coating can fade away.

If this does happen a few people stated that Scan Pan offers a lifetime warranty and are great about replacing pieces. Most customers had the set for years before the non-stick coating wore off.

Other than that minor issue it seems like people are in love with Scanpan Cookware!

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