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This is a guest post from my friends over at  I came across their website and loved some of the dishes that they talk about. So much so that I have this post from them Enjoy, they talk about some interesting Georgian Dishes

The Top 5 Georgian dishes to try this year

Georgian cuisine has a rich taste that almost all tourists will enjoy during their visit to Georgia. In today’s article, we’ll give you a taste of Georgian cuisine that will instantly make you want to pack your bags and travel to Georgia. Here we recommend Top 5 Georgian cuisines to try whilst in Georgia.



Have you ever tried vine leaves and wondered if they were even edible. AThe Georgian dish Tolma can be eaten in various ways, stuffed inside a pepper, a cabbage or some people prefer to put Tolma in vine leaves. A special light fragrance of the plants perfectly goes with the Tolma ingredients. Tolma in vine leaves can be accompanied with sour cream or other sauces. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can make vegan Tolma in vine leaves, too. Meat can be replaced by rice and also, some nuts can be added to the ingredients.



Adjaruli Khachapuri is the most famous Georgian cheese bread. It originates from Georgia’s incredibly beautiful region of Adjara, located in the country’s southwestern corner.

AdjaruliKhachapuri is the king of Adjarian cuisine. This kind of Khachapuri has a boat-like shape and is served with a partially cooked egg in the middle some cheese along with a generous chunk of butter on the top.

Before consuming, you should mix the filling well and only afterward tear a piece of bread to dip in the hearty cheese sauce. This is quite an enjoyable and fun process.



Khinkali is a Georgian style dumpling and is another most famous Georgian dish. Khinkali can be mixed with pork and beef, sometimes with lamb added with spices and eaten hot. It’s truly a delicious dish that all the tourists seem to enjoy.


Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian candy. It is often referred to as “Georgian Snickers” and is quite delicious, containing lots of nuts and is energizing. Most importantly, it is made from natural and organic ingredients – naturally condensed grape juice and walnuts or hazelnuts. So you can say that it is considered as a healthy sort of candy. One of best Churchkhela is made in the Kakheti Region, which is known to be the motherland of wine.

So did we make you want to travel to Georgia and try out its’ delicious cuisine?


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