WearEver Pure Living Non-stick Ceramic Coated Jumbo Cooker Review

WearEver Pure Living Non-stick Ceramic Coated Jumbo Cooker Review | WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cooker is priced at around $23 and is good value for your money. To find out more read our review here

Looking for a jumbo cooker that won’t let chemicals leach into your food? Look no further than WearEver’s pure living Non-stick Ceramic Jumbo Cooker. This cooker is rated 4.5 of 5 stars on Amazon and has countless positive reviews. Now, you can fry, boil, and let your homemade sauces simmer with just one dish, not at the same time of course!

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  • Silicone handle helps with grip
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Chemical free coating
  • Made from recycled pieces
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Very Durable
  • Even heat distribution
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Oven Safe
  • Comes with glass lid


  • Only a single item
  • Handles are screwed instead of welded
  • Coating may wear off over time
  • Not the best on induction stovetops

WearEver Pure Living Cooker Overview

The WearEver brand has been around since the year 1903. The company began during the industrial revolution where people started to use metal and other materials to create a product. WearEver was the first brand to introduce cookware made from aluminum, and modern brands have continued this tradition.

The use of aluminum was huge because most people used cast iron cookware. Cast iron is a great material, but it can be tricky to take care of. Aluminum cookware doesn’t need to be seasoned and are less likely to rust. This WearEver Jumbo Cooker does not come with any other pieces except for a lid.

What are the key features of  the WearEver pure living ceramic cooker?

WearEver Pure Living Ceramic Cooker

It is easy to maneuver

If you’ve ever tried to pick up a pot or pan while cooking you know the handle gets mighty hot. You won’t burn your hands on this WearEver dish because it has been manufactured with a silicone handle. The silicone material helps to repel heat but it also provides a more comfortable grip.

You won’t be exposed to chemicals

Don’t be afraid of non-stick cookware because of the horror stories on PTFE and PFOA. These two chemicals are indeed present in some non-stick cookware’s coating, but not all products include them. WearEver is one of those brands that create chemical-free coatings so you aren’t exposed to the effects of PTFE and PFOA.

It will last awhile

This cooker is manufactured using a heavy gauge aluminum which speaks to its durability. It will be tough to dent or scratch this piece!

No stains, no scratches

The coating in this pan is scratch resistant which means it won’t be ruined by your utensils. Some coatings are weak and can be removed by the scrape of a metal spatula. Once this layer is removed you run the risk of chemicals from the actual dish getting into your meal.

You won’t have to worry about uneven temperatures

Since this cookware is created with the heavy gauge aluminum, it distributes heat quite efficiently. Now you won’t have to worry about your food cooking unevenly.

You’ll get a warranty

There are not many companies that offer warranties for their cookware so when you find someone who does, it may be smart to purchase. If you take a piece of cookware home, and it malfunctions it is great to know you can get a new one. This cooker is only $18.00, but the warranty should be greatly accepted!

Can be used in the oven

Non-stick cookware that can be used in the oven? No way! It’s true, this cooker can be utilized in the oven up to 350 degrees. It can also be placed in the dishwasher!

Are there any drawbacks to purchasing this product?

The non-stick cookware seems to wear fast

Countless reviews on Amazon state that the non-stick coating didn’t last as long as they would like, many saying it lasted for under a year. Being that this is only an $18 dollar piece it may be true, but people need to remember to treat their dishes well. There is no need to use loads of butter or oil in a non-stick pan and if you do your food can stick. This also leaves room from staining, the high temperatures can bake them in your cooker.

The lid may not be secure

Some people feel as if the lid doesn’t fit the pan seamlessly. They complained that it took a while to boil and simmer foods because of this. If you have lids from other pans, try using them if yours malfunctions.

So, what do consumers say about this product?

It’s not as big as it seems

Many Amazon users say they thought this “jumbo” cooker would be much larger than it actually is. The sales page does list it as only 3.5 quarts, but maybe consumers are focusing on the word “jumbo.”

It is very lightweight

If you are someone who hates cast iron and stainless steel because they are too heavy to move around you’ll love this cooker. Many consumers say it is lightweight.

The company may not be “customer-friendly.”

Although there is a warranty on your product, you may have a hard time getting efficient help from the enterprise. Consumers stated they’ve tried to contact someone from WearEver, but the process is drawn out, perhaps to discourage you from using the warranty.

This product is made in China

It seems as if more and more people want products that are made outside of China. Some customers that thought this cooker was made in the US, but it is made in China.

Overall, many consumers like this WearEver jumbo cooker but it may not last as long as you’d expect.

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