What is a pizza peel and how do you use it?

what is a pizza peel?

There is nothing quite like the taste of home-made pizza, the fresh ingredients and the flat base make for a tasty treat for the whole family.

There is just one problem, there is nothing big enough in the kitchen that can be used to put the pizza into the oven.

The answer to all of of these problems is the pizza peel, the best way to describe is a flat spade that you can use to make pizza on and add it to the oven saving you the hassle of trying to keep the pizza level.

Where it becomes particularly handy is when you take the pizza out of the oven. Without burning your hands. If you using a pizza stone to cook your pizza then you are able to use the pizza peel to move the pizza around so that you get an even cook on it.

If you are also thinking about buying a pizza stone then you should also look into investing on a pizza peel to make life a little easier for you.

What length pizza peel should I be using?

Pizza Peels come in a range of lengths and sizes. What you will need will really depend on the size of the oven and ultimately what size pizza you want to make. Remember, you can make a small pizza on a larger peel but you can’t make large pizza on a small peel.

Another very important thing that you should be assessing is how deep the oven is. The idea is that this will help you not burn yourself, make sure that handle is a comfortable length for you so that you can move around the kitchen easily and get the pizza or dough to the back of the oven without burning your hands.

Wooden and metal Pizza peels have been used for a long time by bakers to help get bread to the right place in their large ovens.

They help protect the uncooked dough from breaking up or deforming and protect the hands of the cook.

If you like baking and cooking pizza then this is definitely something that you should be thinking of getting

How to use a pizza peel

Pizza peels are very easy to use.

If you are making a pizza it is a good idea to make the pizza on the peel so that all you have to do is to put it into the oven.

What ever you are making it is a good idea to make sure that at all times the peel has a covering of flour on is so that the dough doesn’t stick and ruin the pizza or loaf that you want to cook.

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Using Cornmeal to stop dough sticking

Some people use cornmeal to stop the dough sticking, this is a great idea as this can add a little something to the base of the pizza when you are cooking. IF you are wheat intolerant then this is a good idea for you.

Once you have your pizza or dough in the oven you can also use the peel to move what you are cooking around, for some ovens this will not be necessary but if you are using a wood oven to cook pizza then you will want to turn it around so that you get an even cook on it.

Here is a video showing this, there is someone making a weird cowboy noise in the background at the beginning, made me laugh a lot the first time I watched it. They don’t turn the pizza with the peel but they do use it to get it in and out. You can also see that the oven is very hot .

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